A Virtual OneStop Student Service Center for Modern Learners

Exclusive Free Webinar

Deploy a Virtual OneStop on your campus to eliminate the “student shuffle” of running around campus to different offices seeking services. Do you already have a presence-based One Stop on campus? Then deploy a Virtual OneStop that will extend existing office hours for your OneStop to a 24/7/365 experience that never closes.

Providing personalized support to students for their complex queries and diverse needs increases the level of satisfaction and engagement, which eventually improves persistence and retention.

Watch the webinar (presented by Anthony R. Humphreys, President – BlackBeltHelp) recording to discover a data-driven platform focusing on student-centric processes through a 24x7 Virtual OneStop. It can help you reduce the administrative burden and support costs at your institution while improving operational efficiencies.

Webinar Agenda:

  • → Ability to serve both distance and presence-based students with a highly personalized experience
  • → Operate more efficiently while expanding access to 24x7 support
  • → Provide personalized utilizing tools (self-help and mediated)
  • → Effective ways to reduce/eliminate student support gaps on campus.
  • → Proactively “nudge” students via text, voicemail, and phone to enable specific calls to action

Who can attend this webinar?

Vice President of Student Services, Vice President of Enrollment Management, Directors of FA/Admissions/Registration/Student Accounts/Bursar, CTO/CIO, and anyone who is interested in improving the student experience.



Anthony BBH Anthony R. Humphreys ( President )
Anthony has served higher education in diverse, important roles for over 28 years and has helped organizations thrive through his expertise in developing, analyzing, and executing growth initiatives. Prior to joining BlackBeltHelp, he served education technology companies like Blackboard, Ellucian.