How To Implement An AI Strategy In Higher Education Support Services
October 5th, 2023 | 1:00 - 2:00 PM ET

Anthony R. Humphreys Anthony R. Humphreys

Anthony has served higher education in diverse, leadership roles for over 30 years and has helped organizations thrive through his expertise in developing, analyzing, and executing growth strategies.

Lou Delzompo Lou Delzompo
Sr. Enterprise Architect
KAI Partners

Lou Delzompo is a Sr. Enterprise Architect for KAI Partners, and his areas of expertise include executive technological leadership, product development and deployment, strategic business development, project and program management, and software development lifecycles (SDLC).


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Webinar Agenda

  • What is AI & How is it Being Used In Higher Ed?
  • AI is Everywhere: Why It’s Time to Think About an Implementation Strategy
  • Needs Assessment – What Do You & Your Clients Need?
  • Implementation Strategy – How To Get It Done Right The First Time
  • Selecting the Right AI Technology – Not All AI is Created Equal
  • How To Measure Success – What Does Success Look Like?
  • What to Look For in Your AI Partners – Finding Vendors You Can Trust

Join us for our upcoming Tech Talk on How To Implement An AI Strategy In Higher Education Support Services with Anthony R. Humphreys (President, BlackBeltHelp) and Lou Delzompo (Sr. Enterprise Architect, KAI Partners) where Higher Ed industry veterans come together to discuss how AI Strategy In Higher Education should be implemented for the Support Services.

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