AI Chatbot: A Virtual Assistant That Fuels Student Engagement


Join this webinar along with your neighboring institutions to discuss the impact of having an AI–Powered virtual assistant. Chatbots and Voicebots can be instrumental in transforming student experiences. The 24X7 availability opens doors for student engagement as students get immediate help anytime! The cost savings and efficiencies gained through chatbots and voicebots allow your staff to focus on a more personalized approach when needed.

Webinar agenda:

  • → Why higher ed institutions are switching to chat & voicebots
  • → Features & benefits of  a AI-powered virtual assistant
  • → Implementing a successful chat or voicebot
  • → Bot effectiveness KPIs
  • → Customer success story – Lessons learned & best practices

Join us with Anthony R. Humphreys (President/CEO, BlackBeltHelp) & Michael Zastudil (SVP of Customer Experience, BlackBeltHelp) to discover how your neighbouring institutions are best utilizing the power of AI-driven virtual assistants.

Who shouldn’t miss this webinar?
CIO’s, CFO’s, VP/Director of Admissions and Enrollment, VP/Director of IT, Help Desk Managers, IT User Service Directors and anyone who is interested in improving customer experience

Watch Webinar Recording

Micky BBH Anthony R. Humphreys
Micky BBH Michael Zastudil
SVP of Customer Experience